Swayze Inn Farm is located in historic Hope, New Jersey, one mile South of the intersection of County Routes 519 & 521; just two miles South of Interstate 80 (Exit 12).

We purchased our 37 acre farm in August 2001 and named it to honor the original farmer of the property, Israel Swayze who built the stone house in 1759 and farmed the land which then consisted of 143 acres. Israel purchased the land from his brother Benjamin in 1743. The Swayze family used the property as both an inn for travelers as well as a working farm. 

Today we continue the farming tradition with making hay for our heritage breed animals. We raise Jacob and CVM Romeldale sheep, as well as, goats, and Dexter cattle. Our flock of Rhode Island Reds and Barred Rock chickens provide a daily supply of large brown eggs for use by our family and for sale to the public.

Our strikingly beautiful, Jacob sheep are one of the oldest breeds of sheep in the world-dating back to biblical times. The CVM Romeldale Sheep has been deemed the most critically rare of all sheep breeds in North America, by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy(ALBS).
Our New Barn.
Our Victorian Bank Barn

All traces of the original barn that was built by the Swayze Family no longer exist. The original barn may have been destroyed by fire or was torn down to allow for new construction.

The present barn dates to the period of 1860-1880. The main barn measures 80 x 40 feet and two lean-to additions have increased the overall length of the barn to 110 feet.

We began restoration of the barn in 2002. The restoration work including repointing the barn's stone foundation and repairing damaged sections of the interior timber frame.
Exterior period white pine siding (from Canada) and replacement of deteriorated windows and wooden ventilation louvers (exact replicas of the originals), as well as replacement of all exterior doors completed the maintenance and restoration of the barn. 

Although, it is a beautiful timber-frame structure, it serves a greater purpose in housing our sheep, goats, hay, and chickens. 

The George Washington Sycamore Tree

Gracing the front lawn of our farm is a magnificent 400+ year old Sycamore Tree (also known as a Button Ball Tree).

This tree has its place in history, too. On July 26, 1787, on a sweltering hot day, General George Washington traveling from Philadelphia to Newburgh, NY planned to stop in Hope, NJ to see the Moravian mills. On his ride through Hope, Washington was accompanied by the Moravian Bishop, John Etwein who lived in the Village when it was first settled.

Etwein rode ahead to alert the town's people of the arrival of Washington. At 11:00 AM, General Washington, needing a respite from the heat, stopped his horse, dismounted and rested beneath the shady canopy of the Sycamore tree.

Unfortunately, the Swayze's had relocated to Canada during the Revolutionary War, as loyalists to the King of England, and missed the visit of General Washington.

Over the years, the tree has grown considerably, and now measures more than 23 feet.

The next generation helps with the farm chores.