OUR NEW BARN-the evolution of the farmstead
     With a great deal of planning and a lot of hard work, we have been able to turn an eyesore into a beautiful new barn.  When we purchased our farm in 2001, there was a large concrete run-in (bunker) silo on the property that we had no real use for.  The structure seemed too good to simple tear down, but what to do with it was a challenge.

      After a decade of thinking, we finally came up with a solution.  The concrete bunker has become the first floor of a new "Carriage" Barn.  A story-and-a-half barn was built on top of it and a lean-to addition on the side.  The exterior details (doors, window trim, louvers) match the details of our large Victorian Barn.  Our Contractor (Ron Petersen - Petersen Excavating) constructed a ramp that leads to the back of the new barn that provides access (from the back) to the top floor of the new structure.

     The new barn rises almost 38' from ground and was capped off with an imposing cupola that houses a brightly-lit "Moravian Star" and is topped off with a traditional weather vane.

     Watch the following slide show to see the progress of the construction.  Our "Barn Builders" were Jim and Joe Slabonik <http://www.hometowncarpentry.com>) from Boyerstown, PA.  Jim and Joe previously restored our 1860s Victorian Barn.