Swayze Inn Farm Takes High Honors

At Garden State Sheep & Fiber Festival

In the fall of 2016 our farm entered a number of our Jacob & CVM Romeldale sheep in the Northeast Regional Jacob Breed Show and the Classic Breeds Show and Fine & Medium Wool Breeds Shows at the Garden State Sheep & Fiber Festival.  

In the Northeast Regional Jacob Breed Show our aged ram (Byeburn Basil – see photo) was awarded first place in the aged ram class and was named Grand Champion Ram.  Our yearling rams placed first & third and “Cold Valley Elko” (see photo) was named Reserve Champion Ram.   Our aged Jacob ewes placed second and third and one of our ewe lambs (Brink-May Lady Sapphire- see photo) sired by Byeburn Basil placed second in the ewe lamb class and was awarded overall “Best Fleece”.

In the Classic Breeds Show our aged Jacob ram “Byeburn Basil” was again named first place in the aged ram category, was named Grand Champion Ram and also the “Best in Show”.  Our yearling ram (Cold Valley Elko) was named first place yearling ram and also awarded Reserve Champion.  Our aged ewe (PZG Taylor) took first place in her class and also was awarded “Champion Ewe”. 

In the Fine & Medium Wool Breeds Show, our aged CVM Romeldale ram (SIF Thor – see photo) took first place in his class and was awarded “Reserve Champion.”   Our yearling rams SIF Conan & SIF Cillian took first and second place and our ram lambs SIF Alexander and SIF Aristotle placed second and fourth in their class.  SIF Alexander was also awarded overall “Best Fleece.”

Our aged CVM Romeldale ewes SIF Caitlin and SIF Calla took third and fourth place in their class and our yearling ewes SIF Callie and SIF Cacey took second and fourth place.  The second place yearling ewe (SIF Cacey) was also awarded Reserve Champion Ewe.  Our ewe lambs SIF Greta and SIF Stella took second and third place in their class.  

Our granddaughter (Riley, age 8) was awarded first place in the Shepherds Lead Competition (Junior Division).  Riley wore a crocheted hat and scarf that her grandmother (Diane May) made (Riley helped by cutting the fringe for the scarf).  Riley lead one of her favorite CVM ram lambs (SIF Alexander—see photo.)

It’s been a fantastic year for Swayze Inn Farm and sales of sheep, lambs, fleeces, roving, yarn, pelts, skulls and freezer lambs have exceeded our expectations.  We have received a new shipment of 50%-50% (Jacob & CVM Romeldale) yarn available in 4 oz balls in black, white and gray.  These are priced at $4/oz ($16/ball) plus shipping.  

We are currently sold out of Jacob and CVM Romeldale pelts, but have six coming from the tannery around the middle of December.  There are still a few Jacob and CVM Romeldale fleeces left as well as some Jacob and CVM Romeldal roving.

We are grateful for all of those who have made purchasers from us during this past year.  Thank you all.

Granddaughter Riley with "ALEXANDER"
Bob with Brink-May Lady Sapphire
Cold Valley Elko
Byeburn Basil
PZG Taylor