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New Sheep Barn & Lambing Facility


After moving to our farm in 2002, we soon realized after our first lambing season that our 1860s Victorian-style barn wouldn’t provide us with all of the space we needed to raise two different sheep breeds.  Purchasing several run-in sheds bought us some time, but wasn’t the long-term solution we were looking for.


In the Spring of 2017 we began planning for a new facilty to accommodate our growing flock and, in the winter, construction of a 36’ x 40’ barn with 10’ x 40’ lean-to additions on each side began.  When Steve Stoltzfus, the owner of R&G Services, LLC., told me that his crew would need about 10 days to build the barn, I didn’t think that could be possible.  Boy, was I wrong!


Amazing workers and amazing quality of work.  If you’re looking for a shed or barn for your farm, I highly recommend using R&G Services, LLC located in East Stroudsburg, PA—(570) 216-5670.  The company has a website:  R&G Services is faith-based and employs Amish workers to construct their buildings.  


I used a separate contractor (Ron Petersen, Petersen Excavating) to remove topsoil from the build site and to back fill it with crushed concrete—which, by the way, creates and awesome base.


The new facility is bright and well-lit with numerous windows.  There’s a large loft for storing hay and other items on the second floor.  A central 12’-wide aisle and a 10’-high ceiling on the first floor easily accommodates some of our farm equipment.


“Our Family was part of the Old Order Amish Community of Lancaster, PA.  We are determined to incorporate our heritage into our company. Therefore, all of our sheds and barns are built by the Amish.  We also are determined to give our best to our customers.” – Steve Stolzfus


Below is a series of photos beginning with the second day of construction and continuing through day number ten.  On the first day of construction (no photo) a crew came on site and dug all of the holes for the upright support posts.  After that, work really got under way!









Click on images below for descriptions.

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