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Our Famous Historic Sycamore Tree


Gracing the front lawn of our farm is a magnificent 400 plus year old Sycamore Tree (also known as the George Washington Sycamore tree and the Buttonball tree)

This tree has its place in history too. On July 26, 1787, on a sweltering hot day, General George Washington traveling from Philadelphia to Newburgh, NY planned to stop in Hope, NJ to see the Moravian mills. On his ride through town he was accompanied by the Moravian Bishop John Etwein of Hope village. Etwein rode ahead to alert the town's residents of Washington's arrival. Washington needing a rest from the heat, dismounted from his horse and rested beneath the shading canopy of the Sycamore tree forever placing it in history.

Unfortunately, the Loyalist Swayze family had already relocated to Canada during the Revolutionary War and missed Washington's visit.

Today the massive tree stands more than 23 feet and greets passers who drive Route 519 into Hope.

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